About us

Who are we?

Welcome to Total Care Solutions, 100 of the UK's leading broadband infrastructure specialists.
We provide complete end-to-end services for next-generation wireless networks. What sets us apart is our commitment to offering comprehensive services. We are the ONLY full, end-to-end service provider in the sector.
This is true turnkey management.
Our team undergoes rigorous training at our dedicated upskill centre in Ribble Valley, holding industry-recognised qualifications in Nerswa, IPAF, Digger, Class 2 & Class 1, Fiber splicing, PIA, and more.

Our approach

In the fast-paced world of communications, Totalcare stands out as the premier provider of end-to-end fibre and wireless infrastructure solutions. We empower businesses with cutting-edge, reliable connectivity, enabling them to thrive in an increasingly connected world.
We're not just providers; we're creators who make the internet happen.
We specialise in building internet infrastructure within towns and cities across the UK, supplying alternative broadband network companies with the tools, vehicles, and materials they need to connect local people to the future. Our 360-service approach manages the complete process, including town mapping, site surveys, permit administration, ducts and telegraph poles, PIA, and linking masts to cabinets.

Working with Totalcare

When you choose Totalcare, you embark on a seamless customer journey from start to finish. Our specialist turnkey services for fibre and wireless infrastructure build and management are designed with your satisfaction in mind.

Tailored Planning

Expert Building

Comprehensive Support

Lasting Partnership

The Totalcare Story

For over 20 years, Totalcare has been a leading specialist in tech and telecom outsourcing. We started with support services and expanded into telecom in 2006, offering a full suite of end-to-end solutions, including network design, infrastructure, installation, and maintenance. Over the past year, we have created 100+ jobs, strengthening our team and fueling our commitment to delivering unparalleled services to our clients.

Our Mission & Values

At Totalcare, we have a mission to build a fully digitally inclusive world, empowering Altnet businesses with innovative solutions that improve lives. Our values of respect, dignity, h100sty, integrity, and transparency set the standard for all our interactions.

The Future of Totalcare: Growth & Innovation

We are driven by our passion for progress, constantly exploring new horizons and evolving. We are excited about the future and plan to expand our reach and impact while remaining at the forefront of Altnet infrastructure innovation. Contact us today to discuss how Totalcare can help you build and manage your next-generation broadband network.

Our certifications

We are proud to adhere to the highest standards in information security, quality management, and environmental responsibility. Our organization is certified in ISO 27001 for Information Security Management, ISO 9001 for Quality Management, and ISO 14001 for Environmental Management. These certifications demonstrate our unwavering commitment to protecting your data, delivering exceptional quality products/services, and minimizing our environmental impact. We prioritize your trust, satisfaction, and a sustainable future.